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Music of the Classical Period - Classical Music - Music Education
Largely different from Baroque music which was mostly flamboyant, new music styles during the Classical period had simpler harmony and clearer tonality.
Classical Music, Composers and Operas
Find the best classical music to listen to. Learn about historical and classical composers and the stories behind the world's most iconic symphonies, arias and  ...
Classical Music for Halloween - About.com
Want to get away from ghosts, chains, creaking doors, thunder, and screams without losing the spirit of Halloween? Here are a few classical works that are sure ...
Classical Music for Funerals - About.com
This selection of classical music can be used during a funeral ceremony to create a memorable and meaningful tribute to those who have passed away.
A Beginners Introduction to Classical Music
Classical music is a generic term applied to a style of music which covers over 700 years. Learn the very basics of classical music and where to begin.
5 Sources for Free Classical Music Downloads - Freebies - About.com
Five sources for free classical music downloads, mostly in MP3 format. There are hundreds of free classical music downloads here, all free and legal.
Classical Music Composer Timeline - Renaissance to Present
Here's a short and concise classical music composer timeline. From Bach to Bernstein and many classical composers in between, you'll see that many ...
Great Composers of the Classical Period - Classical Music - About ...
Yet within their rigidity, great composers like Haydn and Mozart were able to create some of the greatest classical music the world has ever known, though they ...
Download Free Classical Music at Classic Cat - Freebies - About.com
At Classic Cat, there are literally thousands of free classical music tracks. Classic cat also has free opera, chamber, and religious music.
5 Ways to Introduce Your Children to Classical Music
Children learn at a young age that classical music can be boring. Children don't quite comprehend the complexities and meanings of classical music. Here are ...
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