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Folk Music: New and Classic Songs, Playlists, Album Reviews
Discover new and classic American folk musicians. Browse top songs lists and album recommendations for Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, and more.
All About American Folk Music - About.com
If you're new to American folk music as a genre, this'll be a great first stop index and answers to your questions. It can alsopoint you to the basic information you ...
American Folk Music - A Brief History - About.com
American folk music has no nameable origin. It's more tradition than entertainment. There are folk songs that date so far back, they can be considered oral ...
Best Folk Music for Kids - About.com
From Pete Seeger to Jerry Garcia and beyond, here's a look at some of the best folk music for children.
Timeline of the Popularization of American Folk Music
When looking at the very big picture, the truth is that American folk music stretches way back to the very beginnings of the country, and recording the date the first ...
Most Influential Folk Music Artists - About.com
Throughout the course of American folk music history, there have been literally thousands of artists who have traversed the highways bringing their original folk ...
Folk Music - About American Folk Music and Bluegrass
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about American folk music, bluegrass, alt.country and Americana music, artists and players. Delve into the history and ...
Folk Music Movies - Movies About American Folk Music
Reviews and recommendations of movies about the history of American folk music and some of its key players.
Best Folk Music Albums of 2013 - About.com
If there's any single running theme emerging from American folk music this year, it's storytelling. Granted, the genre is never wanting for great stories, but past ...
Folk Music Movies - Best Movies About Folk Music Artists and Bands
From documentary to mockumentary, the films about American folk music artists, bands, tours, concerts and history are as diverse as the topics they present.
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