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Articles related to folk music

Folk Music: New and Classic Songs, Playlists, Album Reviews
Discover new and classic American folk musicians. Browse top songs lists and album recommendations for Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, and more.
Folk Music - Introduction to American Folk Music
Learn evrything you could ever want or need to know about Folk Music, including where and how it started, who's kept it going, and what you can look forward to ...
Folk Music History - All About American Folk Music
Learn more about the history of American folk music. Get all the info you need about the artists and styles that have influenced the evolution of folk music, and ...
Best Folk Music for Kids - About.com
From Pete Seeger to Jerry Garcia and beyond, here's a look at some of the best folk music for children.
All About American Folk Music - About.com
If you're new to American folk music as a genre, this'll be a great first stop index and answers to your questions. It can alsopoint you to the basic information you ...
Protest Songs - Protest Music - Political Folk Music
Articles and other information about the role of traditional and contemporary American folk music in social protest.
American Folk Music - A Brief History - About.com
History of American folk music, from topical and protest music to folk-pop, indie roots, Americana, bluegrass, and other forms of acoustic music.
Books About Folk Music - About.com
Reviews and recommendations of books to read about the history of American folk music and some of its key players.
Most Influential Folk Music Artists - About.com
American folk music encompasses all kinds of styles, from political protest music to bluegrass and traditional country, topical songs, love songs, feminist songs, ...
Folk Music Blogs - Listing of Recommended Folk Music Blogs
Here's a list of some recommended folk music blogs and blogs about bluegrass, alt.country, Americana and folk-rock bands and artists.
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