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Musical Terms, Commands & Symbols - Piano - About.com
Glossary of music terminology, commands & symbols.
German Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
German Music Terms | Piano Glossaries. ... Akkord. Share. Music notes marked with altérations simples and doubles. - Image © Brandy Kraemer ...
Texture - Musical Terms - Meaning of Musical Texture - Piano
Texture describes the complexity of a musical composition. The word texture is used because adding different layers or elements to music creates a musical ...
Accent in Music - Term and Definitions - Piano - About.com
The musical term "accent" refers to several things, depending on whether you're talking about reading music or playing music.
Harmony - Definition in Musical Terms & Piano
Harmony is what occurs when two or more notes are played at the same time. Learn more about harmony, melody, and musical texture, and see how they're ...
Melody - Musical Terms Definition - Piano - About.com
Learn more about melody, harmony, musical texture, and how it's applied in piano music. Get the definition of melody, and browse musical terms A - Z.
Italian Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
Italian Music Commands | Piano Glossaries. ... Dynamics & Volume ▫ Italian Musical Terms ▫ Expression ... The musical command 8vb used on the bass staff.
Beginner Musical Terms - Glossary of Beginner Musical Terms - Piano
As a beginner musician, you don't need to know all of the musical terms just yet. This beginner piano glossary will help you learn the musical terms and symbols ...
Pianissimo (Pp) - Italian Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
The Italian musical term. ... Pianissimo is seen as pp in piano music. Image © Brandy Kraemer. Definition: Pianissimo refers to a song's dynamics, and is an ...
Key Definition - Glossary of Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
A musical key is a scale upon which a musical composition is based. ... keys; key signatures, and relative major and minor keys, and browse musical terms A - Z.
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