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Musical Terms, Commands & Symbols - Piano - About.com
Glossary of music terminology, commands & symbols.
Texture - Musical Terms - Meaning of Musical Texture - Piano
Texture describes the complexity of a musical composition. The word texture is used because adding different layers or elements to music creates a musical ...
Accent in Music - Term and Definitions - Piano - About.com
The musical term "accent" refers to several things, depending on whether you're talking about reading music or playing music.
Melody - Musical Terms Definition - Piano - About.com
Learn more about melody, harmony, musical texture, and how it's applied in piano music. Get the definition of melody, and browse musical terms A - Z.
Harmony - Definition in Musical Terms & Piano
Harmony is what occurs when two or more notes are played at the same time. Learn more about harmony, melody, and musical texture, and see how they're ...
Key Definition - Glossary of Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
A musical key is a scale upon which a musical composition is based. ... keys; key signatures, and relative major and minor keys, and browse musical terms A - Z.
German Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
German Music Terms | Piano Glossaries. ... Akkord. Share. Music notes marked with altérations simples and doubles. - Image © Brandy Kraemer ...
Rhythm Definition - Musical Rhythm - Musical Terms
Rhythm is a musical term that is almost interchangable with tempo, but can be comprised of more than just a beat. Learn more about musical rhythm, and the ...
Pianissimo (Pp) - Italian Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
The Italian musical term. ... Pianissimo is seen as pp in piano music. Image © Brandy Kraemer. Definition: Pianissimo refers to a song's dynamics, and is an ...
Beginner Musical Terms - Glossary of Beginner Musical Terms - Piano
As a beginner musician, you don't need to know all of the musical terms just yet. This beginner piano glossary will help you learn the musical terms and symbols ...
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