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Music Glossaries - A-Z Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
Extensive musical glossary organized by alphabet, language & musical command type. Find illustrated glossary definitions for musical terms & symbols.
French Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
The French musical phrase "accélérez le mouvement" (often abbreviated "accél." ) affects tempo. Learn the meaning, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms ...
Italian Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
The Italian musical phrase "a tempo di menuetto" affects rhythm and tempo. The actual Italian term for minuet is "minuetto," but German composers likely ...
German Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
The German musical term "abnehmend" affects the volume of the music; learn the meaning, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of abnehmend, and view ...
Beginner Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
Essential beginner music terms | Piano Glossaries.
Musical Symbols - Sheet Music Terms and Musical Symbols - Piano
Some musical commands are abbreviated in sheet music (like 'sfz' and 'fff') -- learn the essential musical symbols and terms written in piano music, with clear ...
Harmony - Definition in Musical Terms & Piano
Harmony is what occurs when two or more notes are played at the same time. Learn more about harmony, melody, and musical texture, and see how they're ...
Interval - Beginner Musical Terms - Piano - About.com
Half steps, whole steps, and octaves are all musical intervals, which are fundamental ... Learn the different musial intervals and browse musical terms A - Z.
Texture - Musical Terms - Meaning of Musical Texture - Piano
Texture describes the complexity of a musical composition. The word texture is used because adding different layers or elements to music creates a musical ...
Accelerando (Accel.) - Italian Musical Terms Glossary - Piano
The Italian musical command accelerando (often abbreviated accel.) is an indication to gradually increase the tempo of a song until otherwise noted*.
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