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The Professional Musician - Careers in Music - Music Education
If you can play an instrument and want to make a career out of it why not conisder becoming a professional musician?
Famous Composers, Musicians, Vocalists and Songwriters
Biographies of famous musicians, great composers, legendary vocalists, notable singer/songwriters and their major works. There are some composers who ...
Musicians At A Glance - Alphabetically Arranged - Music Education
Here are concise biographies of over 150 musicians and composers from different music periods. Names are arranged alphabetically.
Music Careers - About.com Guides on Finding Music Careers
But whether your conflict ends your band or lets you keep heading towards your musical goals is up to you. Use these tips to keep band tensions under control ...
How to Make Money as a Musician - Music Careers - About.com
You need to make money as a musician if you want to make a living doing from your songs, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Learn more about you ...
Musicians and Bands - Royalties, Bookings, Contracts - Music Careers
Bands/Musicians. Get all the info you need to take your music to the masses, from finding members for your band to self promoting your music, getting shows ...
Session Musician - Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
Session musicians are essentially "for hire" musicians. They perform with solo artists and bands, but they are not officially part of the group. Session musicians ...
The $100 a Night Danger for Musicians - Music Careers - About.com
Would you trade your music career for $100 a night? That's exactly what local musicians all over the world are doing daily, and the worst part is that they think ...
Find Musicians for Your Band - Music Careers - About.com
Browse through the lists of musicians in your area who are interested in finding a band with whom to play, and place your own ad seeking band members.
What Is a Session Musician? - Music Careers - About.com
Session musicians take part in many tours and recording sessions. Understanding their function, and how they should be paid, can save you a lot of trouble ...
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