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The Professional Musician - Careers in Music - Music Education
There are many career options for a professional musician; they can be session musicians wherein they are tasked to learn music pieces and perform it either ...
Famous Composers, Musicians, Vocalists and Songwriters
Biographies of famous musicians, great composers, legendary vocalists, notable singer/songwriters and their major works. There are some composers who ...
Piano Composers and Musicians - Music Education - About.com
The piano has always been one of the most popular musical instruments in history. From the day it was first introduced, legendary composers have played it and ...
Being a Musician - Music Careers - About.com
Information for aspiring musicians on everything from recording a demo to getting noticed by record labels to protecting yourself in music contracts.
Musicians and Bands - Royalties, Bookings, Contracts - Music Careers
The first step in getting your group's name up on the marquee is making sure you put together the right team of musicians. Sounds easy, right? Well, remember ...
Music Careers - About.com Guides on Finding Music Careers
Musicians have more ability than ever before to control their own music careers, but it's only possible with the right tools. Meet one of those tools: Bandzoogle.
Session Musician - Career Profile - Music Careers - About.com
Session musicians are essentially "for hire" musicians. They perform with solo artists and bands, but they are not officially part of the group. Session musicians ...
Life as a Musician - Music Careers - About.com
The musician's life is not your average beast. From day jobs to transitioning to full time music and everything in between, life as a musician is about a lot more ...
A List of Famous Musicians Who Are Shy - Social Anxiety Disorder
Musicians who are shy often put up a facade onstage; they might have an outlandish stage persona that helps transform them into someone other than their shy ...
What Is a Session Musician? - Music Careers - About.com
Session musicians take part in many tours and recording sessions. Understanding their function, and how they should be paid, can save you a lot of trouble ...
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