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Percussion Instruments - Music Education - About.com
Percussion instruments gives dhythmic support and dramatic effect to any piece of music. These instruments are categorized into two types; tuned and untuned ...
Profile of the Triangle - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Triangle. Family: Percussion. How to Play: A triangle is made of steel and shaped like a triangle, hence the name. It is hung or suspended and then struck by a ...
Profile of the Bell - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Bell. Family: Percussion. How to Play: Bells can be made from various materials including clay, glass or metal. It also ranges in shape and size. It may be played ...
Definition of Chest Percussion (Physiotherapy) - COPD - About.com
Definition: Chest percussion, also referred to as chest physiotherapy, is an airway clearance technique that involves clapping on the chest and/or back to help ...
Profile of the Conga Drum - Percussions
Conga drum. Family: Percussion. How to Play: The musician strikes the drumhead with his fingertips or palms of his hands. Types: Conga drums come in a ...
Profile of the Bass Drum - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Bass drum. Family: Percussion. How to Play: The bass drum is played by using padded beaters or sticks and striking it against the drumhead. In a drum set, the ...
Profile of the Maracas - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Maracas. Family: Percussion. How to Play: Maracas are perhaps one of the easiest music instrument to play since it only needs to be shaken to produce sound.
Profile of the Castanet - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Castanets. Family: Percussion. How to Play: There are several ways of playing castanets: it is struck together while held by the hands; flicking the wrists and ...
Profile of the Tambourine - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
All about the percussion music instrument called the tambourine.
Profile of the Gong - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Gong. Family: Percussion. How to Play: Gongs are struck at the center with a mallet or a leather or felt-covered beater. The sound it produces may or may not be ...
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