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Percussion Instruments - Music Education - About.com
Percussion instruments gives dhythmic support and dramatic effect to any piece of music. These instruments are categorized into two types; tuned and untuned ...
Profile of the Conga Drum - Percussions
Conga drum. Family: Percussion. How to Play: The musician strikes the drumhead with his fingertips or palms of his hands. Types: Conga drums come in a ...
Profile of the Triangle - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Triangle. Family: Percussion. How to Play: A triangle is made of steel and shaped like a triangle, hence the name. It is hung or suspended and then struck by a ...
Definition of Chest Percussion (Physiotherapy) - COPD - About.com
Apr 28, 2014 ... Chest percussion, also known as chest physiotherapy, is an airway clearance technique that helps loosen secretions making them easier to ...
Chest Percussion - Hand Position for Chest Percussion - COPD
Sep 3, 2013 ... Chest percussion involves using cupped hands and clapping on certain areas of the patient's back and chest for the purpose of loosening ...
Profile of the Bass Drum - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Bass drum. Family: Percussion. How to Play: The bass drum is played by using padded beaters or sticks and striking it against the drumhead. In a drum set, the ...
Profile of the Castanet - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Castanets. Family: Percussion. How to Play: There are several ways of playing castanets: it is struck together while held by the hands; flicking the wrists and ...
Profile of the Maracas - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Maracas. Family: Percussion. How to Play: Maracas are perhaps one of the easiest music instrument to play since it only needs to be shaken to produce sound.
Profile of the Cymbal - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Cymbals. Family: Percussion. How to Play: The player holds the strap attached to each cymbal and brushes it against each other or clash it together. It can either ...
Profile of the Gong - Percussions - Music Education - About.com
Gong. Family: Percussion. How to Play: Gongs are struck at the center with a mallet or a leather or felt-covered beater. The sound it produces may or may not be ...
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