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Mac Performance Tips - Give Your Mac a Tuneup - Macs - About.com
Is your Mac slowing down? This collection of Mac performance tips will keep your Mac running in tip-top shape and all it takes is a few minutes of your time.
Mac Performance Tips – Close Your Browser - Macs - About.com
Mac Performance Tips – Close Your Browser: This tip is all about browsers that don't work quite the way they should. And as far as I can tell, that includes many ...
Mac Performance Tips – Reduce or Eliminate Widgets
Reduce or Eliminate Widgets: Apple introduced Dashboard and widgets with Tiger (OS X 10.4). Widgets can be helpful little applications; they can display the  ...
Mac Performance Tips – Keep Plenty of Free ... - Macs - About.com
Mac Performance Tips – Keep Plenty of Free Disk Space: OS X's memory management system uses lots of virtual memory. Since virtual memory is actually  ...
Mac Performance Tips – Avoid Animated Desktops - Macs - About.com
Mac Performance Tips – Avoid Animated Desktops: This Mac performance tip is an easy one: Stay away from animated desktops, at least most of the time. Sure ...
Mac Performance Tips: Remove Login Items You Don't Need
Mac Performance Tips – Remove Login Items You Don't Need: Startup items, also know as login items, are applications, utilities, and helpers that run ...
Safari Tune Up – Speed Performance Tips - Macs - About.com
These tuneup tips can affect performance to varying degrees, from mild to major, depending on the version of Safari you're using. Over time, Apple modified ...
Mac Tips for MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs
Getting the best performance out of your Mac is important; it may be even more important when you're using a portable Mac on a battery. This list of tips will keep  ...
Piano Recital and Performance Preparation Tips - About.com
There's a lot to consider when planning for a piano recital, and even things you'll need to know once you get on stage. If you have an upcoming performance, ...
10 Tips for Effective Performance Reviews - Human Resources
Want to make your performance reviews more effective? If you incorporate these best practice tips, you will encourage employee development. Find out how.
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