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Famous Composers, Musicians, Vocalists and Songwriters
Biographies of famous musicians, great composers, legendary vocalists, notable singer/songwriters and their major works. There are some composers who ...
10 Jazz Biographies - Biographies of Jazz Musicians - About.com
A list of ten biographies of legendary jazz musicians.
Eric Church Biography - Country Musician Biographies
Biography of Country Music Star Eric Church. ... Ads. &ensp. &ensp. &ensp. Similar Artists: Some other artists with music similar to Eric Church. Waylon Jennings ...
Book Roundup - Christian Musicians and Artists Biographies and ...
You've heard their songs on the radio. You've seen them on TV. Have you ever found yourself wondering what life was like behind the music for these artists?
Music Industry Interviews - Music Industry Biographies - Music Careers
Sometimes the best way to learn the ropes in the music industry is to get the inside scoop straight from the horses mouth and studying the paths of those who  ...
Biographies of Classical Composers, Conductors ... - Classical Music
Biographies of classical composers, conductors, and performers can help you understand the events that shaped their distinct musical characters.
Christian Musician Donnie McClurkin Biography
From tragedy to triumph, Donnie McClurkin's story has it all.
Composer Franz Joseph Haydn - Profile and Biography
Haydn's brother, Michael, also composed music and became relatively famous. His youngest brother, Johann Evangelist, sang tenor in the church choir of the ...
A Profile and Biography of Ludwig van Beethoven - Classical Music
Born in Bonn in 1770, Ludwig van Beethoven began learning music at an early age. He studied with many well know musicians including Hadyn and Salieri.
Biography of Zimbabwean Musician Oliver Mtukudzi - World Music
Oliver Mtukudzi's sound, a blend of traditional East African genres and modern subgenres of Afropop, including chimurenga and JIT, is known as "Tuku Music.
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