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Classification of Musical Instruments - Music Education - About.com
Examples: xylophones, triangles, bells, gongs, steel drums ... Kettle Drums - Also known as vessel drums, these are rounded at the bottom and may be tunable ...
Percussion Instruments - Music Education - About.com
Steel drums are usually used in steel bands or ensembles made up 4 to 100 performers. The musician uses rubber-tipped hammers to strike the drum. More .
Profile of the Bongo Drum - Percussions
The folk drums of Cuba are generally called bongos. Bongos have two drumheads and is played by striking the heel of the hands and/or fingertips on the ...
Steel Drums - Nashville - About.com
Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival celebrates the cultural diversity of the community by encouraging understanding, appreciation and respect through a ...
Steel Drum Suppliers Page-2 - Metals - About.com
Sources of steel drums, barrels and metal containers from your About.com Guide.
Steel Drums at the DC Caribbean Festival
See photos of the steel drums at the DC Caribbean Festival, photos of the Caribbean Carnival in Washington, DC.
Bob Sinclar - Africanism Volume 3 - Dance Music/Electronica
It is a steel drum-laden track with a groovy beat and island rhythms. He stitches it to the Malinga Five song "Kalimbo." This track has a true disco feel to it with ...
Dryer - Before You Buy a Dryer - Dryer Buying Tips
High tech stylish dryer models with glass doors, stainless steel drums, enhanced control panel and additional cycles will be in the highest range. If dryer cost is a ...
West Indian Labor Day Parade Week - Brooklyn, NY - About.com
This talent show-case highlights leaders of tomorrow as they perform hip-hop, dance, steel-pan, karate, fashion, spoken word and much more. Ads. &ensp.
Country Music Party Songs Top 10 List - About.com
Adding to the island feel of the song, be sure listen for steel drums playing softly in parts. The track has a live feel to it, rather than being over produced, which ...
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