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Exercises for Musicians - Music Education - About.com
Suggested exercises to strengthen the musician's hands and whole body.
Piano Composers and Musicians - Music Education - About.com
An image gallery of piano masters, including famous pianists and composers for the piano.
Famous Black Musicians - Music Education - About.com
A list of famous black musicians belonging to different periods.
Music Careers and Music Industry Tips from About.com
If you need any sign that this is true, look how many musicians are embracing technology to blaze new paths for the way their music is promoted and distributed .
Musicians and Bands - Royalties, Bookings, Contracts - Music Careers
Bands/Musicians. Get all the info you need to take your music to the masses, from finding members for your band to self promoting your music, getting shows ...
Ergonomics for Musicians - Repetitive Stress Injury Concerns for ...
Musicians can benefit a great deal from ergonomics. Whether it is a wind, string or percussion instrument, all instruments require a great deal of repetitive motion  ...
Find Musicians for Your Band - Music Careers - About.com
Browse through the lists of musicians in your area who are interested in finding a band with whom to play, and place your own ad seeking band members.
Five Benefits of Being an Older Musicians - Age in Music
Although many older musicians worry if their ship has sailed, there are actually benefits to being an older musician. If you're worried that your stage of life is ...
Musicians and The Internet - Music Careers - About.com
The internet can be a musician's best friend or worst enemy, depending on how you approach it. Find out more about musicians and the web, including ...
Are Musicians Responsible for Their Lyrics - Musicians and Message
Since music IS so powerful, there have always been voices demanding that musicians think carefully about how they use that influence. In other words, there are ...
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