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Techniques for playing an instrument/singing

Techniques related to performing music

Five Tips for Sight-Reading Music

7 Types of Bass Line

Bebop Guitar
The history, artists, and technique of bebop guitar.

Is tablature "real notation"? Should teachers use it? Here are some of the pros and cons of tablature vs. 5-line staff notation, and what the issues are for learning guitar, bass, banjo, ukulelel, and other stringed instruments.

12 Ways to Breath Life Into Your Drum Set Playing
Strategies for developing your unique style and sound as a drummer.

The Forever Piece and the Signature Piece
Identify the two most important pieces of music you should always have at the ready.

Should Your Memorize Your Music?
The why and how of memorizing music.

Singing on Broadway: An Interview with Adam Grupper

On Piano Fingering
Proper fingering helps you play with greater facility, musicality, and comfort. This article provides some strategies for how to determine effective fingerings.

Strategies for Productive Practice
If you practice, you will improve. These tips will help you make the most of your practice time.

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