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Clarinet Lessons and Resources


I have compiled a list of resources that will help any beginning clarinet player or those interested in learning to play it get off to a good start. I'm surprised at the vast array of lessons and resources dedicated to the clarinet. Here are some of the best I've found:

Clarinet Playing Basics

A Clarinetist's Study Guide - Written by David Hite, has 7 levels of clarinet study guides with suggested repertoire.

Master Articulation - An article discussing how to master articulation with ease.

Introduction to Clarinet Acoustics - Several articles on clarinet physics.

Clarinet Fingering Guide

Woodwind Fingering Guide - This Website offers a fingering guide for Boehm, Albert and Oehler system clarinets as well as Kinderklarinettes. The charts are clickable.

I Learn Music.Com - Has an illustrated fingering chart that is also printable.

Fingering Guide by Key - Offers 15 fingering charts arranged by key through illustrations.

B-flat Clarinet Fingering Chart - Has a chromatic fingering guide for the B-flat clarinet.

Clarinet Embouchure

The Role of the Embouchure in Characteristic Clarinet Tone Production - This is the title of an article written by Tom Ridenour and discusses the correct form of embouchure for the clarinet.

Basic Embouchure Formation - Here's another guide to correct embouchure formation. It has pictures to guide you as well as a checklist.

Free Sheet Music

Theme Tune to Laurel and Hardy - Free sheet music of this popular theme.

Clarinet Related Activities

Label the Clarinet - Label the parts of the clarinet from Enchanted Learning.

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