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Top 5 Piano Method Books For Older Beginners


With the vast assortment of books dedicated to music education, learning to play the piano has become more accessible. Whether you are formally enrolled in a music school or self-studying, there are lots of great resources available for you to sharpen your skills and hone your talent. Here are my "Top Picks of Piano Method Books for Older Beginners" in alphabetical order.

1) Alfred's Basic Adult All-in-One Piano Course - Level 1, Book & CD

Specifically created for adult beginners, this book and cd has everything you need to get you well on your way to playing the piano. Helpful lessons on the basics of piano playing as well as music theory and technic will have you playing some of the most popular compositions by the end of the course.

2) Bastien's Beginning Piano for Adults

Whether you are taking formal lessons or self-studying, the lessons in this book are laid out for easy comprehension. Includes lessons on sight reading, theory and technique, plus several famous melodies for you to play.
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3) Faber's Adult Piano Adventures Level 1

This piano method book will take you from learning the names of the piano keys to playing beautiful music pieces. With its' succinct way of explaining lessons, you'll be sure to make a lot of progress even if you're self-studying.
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4) Hal Leonard's Easy Adult Piano Beginner's Course

This book has step-by-step instructions that begins with the very basic and progresses to teaching you how to play such popular favorites as "The Entertainer" and "Mozart's Theme".
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5) Play Piano Now! (An Easy Beginning Method For Busy Adults}

Created for the busy adults in mind without compromising quality. The lessons are presented in a nice, user-freindly pace. It has lots of exercises and a collection of beautiful repertoire for you to learn. Published by Alfred's Publishing.
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