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Top 5 Violin Method Books for Older Beginners


More and more adults are discovering the joys of playing a musical instrument. To guide you on your study, here is a list of "Top 5 Violin Method Books for Adult Beginners". The books mentioned here are some of the most popular and recommended books when it comes to learning how to play the violin. Books may be used as self-study materials or, if enrolled, as supplement to the books you're currently using.

1) A Tune A Day Violin Book 1

This book has been in print for many years but still is very popular because it effectively covers the basics of playing the violin. It also comes with a cd.

2) Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 - Violin

It has illustrations and instructions on standard notation, fingerings, bowings and more. It's a comprehensive instruction book that incorporates theory and history. May be used by older children to adults.
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3) First Lessons Violin Book/CD Set

It has 28 lessons that includes bowing technique, music-reading, scales and more. Features 47 melodies to challenge you and an accompanying cd.

4) Violin Primer

It has illustrations, diagrams and exercises to teach you the proper bowing techniques and step by step instructions to help you learn how to play your instrument. May be used for adults and children.
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5) The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner

These series of books was developed by a Suzuki teacher and may be used by both adults and children. This book has 34 melodies, duets, warmups and more.
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