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The Official List Of 100 Music Education Bloggers

From the Music Education Bloggers Campaign


In December 2007, Dr. Joseph Pisano, a jazz trumpet player and the Asst. Chairman of Music and Fine Arts at Grove City College, announced his goal of creating a list of 100 Music Education Bloggers by Jan. 1, 2009. When he first started his campaign, there were only a few music educators, performers, students and music aficionados who were taking advantage of the blog platform. But soon, the number of music bloggers grew and by the end of 2009, his desire to create a diverse community of music enthusiasts who will keep the conversation going was answered. Here's the Official List of 100 Music Education Bloggers:

1. MusTech.net

By Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

2. The Digital Music Educator

By Owen Bradley

3. Catalysts & Connections

By Evan Tobias

4. About Music Education

By Espie Estrella

5. Music Technology in Education

By Dr. James Frankel

6. Music Education, Technology & Social Media

By Dr. Miikka Salavuo

7. e-Learning for Music

By Pete Whitfield

8. Music Ed. Magic

By Chad Criswell

9. Jonathan Savage

By Dr. Jonathan Savage

10. Music Tech. for Me.

By V. Keith Mason

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