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Guide to Piano Brands

Popular Piano Brands


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With so many piano brands available today, picking one to purchase can be a daunting experience. To guide you on your decision, here are several profiles of popular piano brands. Learn about the company history, awards, models and more.

  • Baldwin Pianos - Baldwin pianos have been present since the 1890s and it continues to be one of the best quality piano brands in the market today. Here is more information and interesting facts on Baldwin pianos.

  • Steinway Pianos - Many people dream of owning a Steinway piano and who could blame them? Steinway & Sons have been creating pianos of utmost quality since the 1850's. Here's more information on this brand and the company.

  • Mason & Hamlin Pianos - The Mason & Hamlin piano company was founded in 1854. After changing owners several times and filing for bankruptcy in 1995, Mason & Hamlin pianos are back and remain in the forefront of piano making and innovation. Here's more information on this brand.

  • Schimmel Pianos - The Schimmel piano company was founded in 1885 in Leipzig, Germany. To this day pianos made by Schimmel remains of high quality and craftsmanship. Here's more information on Schimmel pianos and its history.

  • Bosendorfer Pianos - Bösendorfer was founded by Ignaz Bösendorfer in 1828. Since then the Bosendorfer brand of pianos is considered one of the best Viennese-made pianos in the market. Here's more information on this piano and its' history.

  • Kawai Pianos - The Kawai piano manufacturing company is truly one of Japan's pride. The craftsmanship mixed in with innovation and technology makes it a strong contender in the piano manufacturing industry. Here's more information on this brand and the company.
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