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Before You Buy A Cello


The guidelines of buying a cello is somewhat similar to that of buying a violin. This is because the cello is just like a violin, only bigger. Here are some tips:

Always Start With A Budget

Having a specific budget to start with is essential when planning to buy a musical instrument. Low-priced cellos may be sufficient for those who want to try it out but are not sure if they'll stick with it. Average-priced cellos are for those who are serious in learning to play it, while the high-end models are for those who've been playing for years, performers and professional players.

Explore Your Options

As with any purchase, buying a cello depends on your personal choice. You may want to rent first to get a feel for the instrument before you buy. You may want to buy a used cello, but be very careful when doing this. Or you may buy a new one. Whatever the case may be, browse your local music shops, online stores and newspaper ads to see what brands are within your price range.

Bring Along A Pro

When buying your first music instrument it is always advisable to bring along a pro. If you have a relative or friend who plays the cello or know a cello teacher, bring them along when you shop. Let them test the instrument, listen to their opinions and take their advice into consideration before you buy.

What You Should Look For

Generally, good quality cellos have the following attributes:
  • The top is made of spruce.
  • The back and sides are made of maple.
  • The tuning pegs are made of ebony.
  • The endpin is adjustable.
  • Proper placement of the soundpost.
  • Proper placement of the bridge, not too high or too soft. Also, proper cut of the bridge, the center must not be too thick or too thin.
  • The tailpiece may either be made of plastic, metal or wood such as rosewood or ebony.
  • Proper cut and placement of the nut.

Cello Accessories

When you buy a new cello, it usually comes with a bow and case. You may also want to buy extra strings, music books or music sheets and a cello stand. Don't forget to buy rosin and an endpin.

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