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Before You Buy a Saxophone


You may have recently decided that the saxophone is for you, or maybe your child is interested in playing the saxophone. Good for you! This is the first step towards you or your child's music education. But before you hit the stores, here are some pointers you must remember.

Know Your Saxophone

You must first familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the saxophone. Know the different parts of the sax and their respective functions, determine which type of saxophone you are most interested in learning. Most beginners start off with a student model alto saxophone. The saxophone comes in many different sizes, models and types and it's best to know all these before buying anything.

Know Your Budget

Next comes your budget. Determine how much you can actually spend on your purchase. Remember that committing to learn how to play a musical instrument is an investment in your education. Buying an instrument is just one of the purchases you will make, other added materials and costs will naturally follow.

New or Used Saxophone

As always both options have various pros and cons. When buying new you are assured of the quality of your instrument and service if your saxophone suffers any damage. On the downside it is more expensive. Buying used may be less costly, but on the other hand you are not assured of its quality and condition.

Bring Along an Expert

When buying your first instrument it is best if you have an expert alongside you to test the product. One of the things to be inspected is the horn, make sure it has no damage. Have your expert companion play the sax to test out the intonation and if there are any leaking pads.

Things to Bring for Testing

Here are some things to bring when testing out a saxophone: Rubbing alcohol or any disinfectant, flashlight, tuner, reeds, mouthpiece and cork grease. If you don't have your own mouthpiece, make sure you disinfect the instrument you're testing before trying it out.

Where to Buy

Some of the places you can check out are: your local newspaper ads, garage sales or flea markets, music stores, pawn shops, mail order or through the internet. Always exercise caution when buying, especially online.

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