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Famous Sopranos


The soprano voice is the highest human vocal range. Generally, it refers to the female singing voice but it also applies to boys, also called boy sopranos. During the 16th to 18th century it referred to male castrati singers. Here's an image gallery of some of the most famous sopranos.
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beverlysillsBeverly SillsjoansutherlandDame Joan SutherlandCheryl StuderCheryl StuderRaina KabaivanskaRaina Kabaivanska
Birgit NilssonBirgit NilssonMary GardenMary GardenLuisa TetrazziniLuisa TetrazziniLeyla GencerLeyla Gencer
Jenny LindJenny LindGrace MooreGrace MooreGeraldine FarrarGeraldine FarrarAdele KernAdele Kern

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