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Disney's Cinderella - The Men Behind the Songs



  • Mack David - July 5, 1912
  • Al Hoffman - September 25, 1902
  • Jerry Livingston - March 25, 1909


  • Mack David - New York City, New York
  • Al Hoffman - Minsk, (now Belarus) Russia
  • Jerry Livingston - Denver, Colorado


  • Mack David - December 30, 1993 in Rancho Mirage, California
  • Al Hoffman - July 21, 1960 in New York
  • Jerry Livingston - July 1, 1987

Also Known As:

  • Mack David - Songwriter, lyricist, started out writing songs for Tin Pan Alley, older brother of Hal David who was also a songwriter and lyricist, received 8 Academy Award nominations, also wrote pop and Broadway songs.
  • Al Hoffman - Russian born songwriter who did many collaborations with other songwriters particularly Dick Manning.
  • Jerry Livingston - Also known as Jerry Levinson, he received 3 Academy Award nominations.

Type of Compositions:

  • Mack David - Wrote songs for tv and films, wrote pop songs and songs for Broadway.
  • Al Hoffman - Wrote pop songs, songs for animated films and stage productions.
  • Jerry Livingston - Worked on Tin Pan Alley (songwriters/publishers in New York during the 19th - 20th century), wrote songs for film and tv.

Songs Written for Disney's Cinderella:

Some of the popular songs they wrote for Cinderella are: "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo", "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes", "So This is Love", "Cinderella" and "Sing Sweet Nightingale".

Interesting Fact:

  • Mack David - Before he became a songwriter he attended Cornell University and St. John's University Law School, where he was studying to be an attorney.
  • Al Hoffman - He played the drums and had his own band before pursuing a career in songwriting.
  • Jerry Livingston - He co-wrote the theme for "Casper the Friendly Ghost" with Mack David.

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