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Profile of Franz Schubert


Profile of Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert Image by Josef Kriehuber

Public Domain Image from Wikimedia Commons


January 31, 1797; he was the 12th son of Franz Theodor Florian Schubert and Elisabet Katherina Vietz. His father was a schoolmaster.


Himmelpfortgrund, near Vienna, Austria


November 19, 1828 in Vienna due to typhus; he was buried at the Wahring cemetery.

Also Known As:

His full name was Franz Peter Schubert, also known as the "Master of Song" because he wrote more than 600 songs.

Type of Compositions:

Schubert had a very fruitful career as a composer. He composed songs, symphonies, masses and quartets. He is known as the earliest master of the art song.


His father taught him how to play the violin; he also played the piano and viola. He studied counterpoint, keyboard playing and singing with Michael Holzen. He also studied with the Italian composer Antonio Salieri.

Notable Works:

Schubert wrote hundreds of musical pieces, some of his well known works are: "Serenade," "Ave Maria," "Who is Sylvia?," "C Major Symphony," "Unfinished Symphony," "Die schone Mullerin," "Winterreise," "Death and the Maiden," "Die Forelle" and "The ErlKing,"

Interesting Facts:

Schubert lived a very colorful life. He used to be a choirboy, but in 1812 his voice cracked, thus ending his career in singing. In 1814, he was accepted as a teacher in his fathers' school; he taught children in the primary level. Also, during Beethoven's funeral, Schubert was one of the torch bearers. It has been mentioned that he loved poetry.

Music Sheet:

Selected "Piano Four Hands" Compositions:

  • 3 Marches Militaires, Op. 51
  • 2 Marches Caracteristiques, Op. 121
  • Fugue in E Minor, Op. 152
  • Overture in F Major, Op. 34
  • Sonata in B-flat, Op. 30
  • Sonata in C, Op. 140
  • Rhondo in A, Op. 107
  • Sonata in C, Op. 140
  • Variations on an original theme in A flat, Op. 55
  • Variations on a theme of Herold
  • Lebensstürme, Op. 144
  • Fantasia in F Minor, Op. 103
  • Four Polonaises, Op. 75
  • 4 Ländler
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