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International Choir Competitions

List of Upcoming Competitions


There are many choir competitions and festivals held all over the world. These competitions are a way of showcasing a groups' singing prowess as well as a chance to meet new friends and travel to different parts of the globe. Here are several festivals that amateur or professional choirs can join:

  • International Male Voice Choral Festival - Open to male voice choirs of any size, age or tradition. This competition is on its 6th year and will be held on May 2 to 6, 2013.

  • International Sacred Music Choir Competition - On its 17th year, this festival will be held in Námestrovo, Slovakia. It's open to amateur choirs in different categories.

  • INTERKULTUR - Holds various competitions and festivals for different types of choirs and performance.

  • Pacific Rim Children's Chorus Festival - Offers a non-competitive opportunity for treble children's choirs from grade 6 to 12. Participants come from countries in the Pacific Rim including Australia, China, Japan, Philippines and more.

  • Club Tours Agentur - They have 2 upcoming competitions for amateur ensembles. The Musica Sacra Praga is an an annual competition going on its 6th year. This is for children, youth and adult choirs. Another is The Prague Mozart Youth Music Festival, an annual festival for choirs and instrumental ensembles.

  • Rhapsody! Prague Children's Music Festival - Will be held on July 12- 23, 2012 with Guest Conductor Joan Gregoryk in Vienna, Salzburg and Prague. Participating children's choirs will perform concerts at outstanding venues and enjoy workshops, musical exchanges and tours.

  • Melodia! South American Music Festival - Open to treble and mixed voice choirs from all over the world; guest conductor Rollo Dilworth will conduct combined choir performances with orchestra. The festival also includes individual choir concerts, a South American music workshop, outreach and cultural exchanges. It's scheduled on July 18 to July 30, 2012 in Argentina and Brazil.

  • IHLOMBE South African Choral Festival - Perform individual concerts with many excellent South African choirs and enjoy workshops with famous choral conductors. Participants will experience African drumming, dancing, and wonderful, unique singing. The festival is scheduled on June 5 to 15, 2012.

  • Serenade! Washington, DC Choral Festival - As a participant of this festival, choirs will experience individual shared choir concerts in cathedrals, churches, schools, halls and National Monuments. You will also get to take part in a number of choral workshops with leading choral conductors. This festival is scheduled from June 28 to July 2, 2012 in Washington, DC.

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