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Music Education Foundations

Helping Katrina Victims


The devastating effects of hurricane Katrina still resounds even after a year. There are still many families who are displaced and there are a lot reconstruction yet to be done. In the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina, the children are always the ones who suffer most. Thankfully there are several music education foundations who are helping out Katrina victims and bringing the message of hope through music.

Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation - They are donating music instruments to displaced students and replacing instruments used in school music programs. Information is also available on their website for those interested in donating to the foundation.

The MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund - Assistance given to hurricane Katrina victims by covering basic living expenses such as food, clothing, shelter and school supplies. They have also partnered with Gibson and Conn-Selmer in a program called Music Rising which aims to replace musical instruments and accessories for music individuals affected by the disaster.

VH1 Save the Music Foundation - A non-profit organization which aims to restore music education programs in our public schools as well as raise awareness of the benefits of music education.

National Association for Music Merchants (NAMM) - If you donate to either of the three specified foundations above - Mr. Holland's Opus, MusiCares and VH1 Save the Music, NAMM will match your donation dollar per dollar up to $100,000 for the charity you choose to support.

The Carrollton Station - Provides financial assistance to New Orleans musicians affected by the hurricane.

Katrina's Piano Fund - Provides instruments to musicians who lost theirs during the disaster.

New Orleans Musician's Hurricane Relief Fund - Gives assistance to New Orleans musicians displaced by the hurricane.

Noah Learns - Assists displaced musicians by helping them find employment and housing.

Do you know other music foundations aiding music enthusiasts who were displaced by hurricane Katrina? E-mail it to musiced@aboutguide.com.

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