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Music Education Lesson Plans

Music and Math


Lesson Plans

  • Create a Clapping Symphony - In this activity students will have fun clapping while making a symphony and learning about fractions. Level: Grade 3 to 12

  • Patterns in Music and Math - Solving mathematical and musical problems by identifying patterns in number and notation. Level: Kindergarten to Grade 4

  • Hokey Pokey with Shapes - Teaches young children the different shapes using the Hokey-Pokey song. Level: PreK - Kindergarten

  • Math Jingles - Has lyrics and mp3 of a song that teaches kids how to count by tens. Level: Kindergarten

  • Fingerplays Plus - Has a number of songs and fingerplays to teach math-related concepts. Level: PreK to Kindergarten

  • Connect With Music - Has various lesson plans using music, multimedia and technology to teach math facts like decimals, fractions and more. Level: Middle School

  • Math Dance - Activities based on the book Math Dance written by Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern. Level: Elementary, Middle School and High School

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