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Music and Healing

Healing Wonders of Music


There is no doubt that creating music and listening to music has many beneficial and positive effects to a person's well-being. Here are several articles written by fellow About.Com guides on the healing effects of music.

  • The Healing Sound of Music - This article from our Holistic Healing website enumerates several instances when music was used to heal patients with serious illnesses.

  • Listening to Music Can Reduce Chronic Pain and Depression - As the title implies, this article from our Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome guide discusses a study which came out on the Journal of Advanced Nursing .

  • Music Therapy Eases Arthritis Pain - A blog post from our Arthritis guide with various links on how music can be used to ease arthritis pain.

  • Music and Your Body - From our Stress Management guide, discusses how music affects us and how music therapy is used to promote health.
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