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Music and Charities

Bringing Music Into Other People's Lives


This holiday season as we decorate our trees, sing carols, wrap presents and plan get-togethers with our families, there are those who might be feeling alone and lonely. Whether you are a music student, a music teacher or simply a lover of music, here are some ideas on how we can share the spirit of Christmas with others through music.

Salvation Army's Bell Ringers - Bells have been widely used throughout history in different parts of the world like England, Egypt, Japan, China and India. It has been used for various purposes such as calling people to pray or announcing the start of a battle. One of the things the Salvation Army bell ringers utilize to attract people is music. Not only do they use bells, volunteers can also bring along musical instruments and sing. The money they collect through their red kettles go to fund projects that will help and support those who are experiencing financial and emotional difficulties.

Operation Ensuring Christmas - This started in 2002 as a website, by 2004 it has become an organization. The mission of OEC is to provide moral and financial support to the children of fallen American soldiers. Through donations that they collect, they can send children Christmas Gift Cards and take them on a VIP theme park trip to Orlando, Florida in July. They've also released a music CD called "A 'lil Heroes Christmas." The CD features children of fallen soldiers and 100% of the proceeds goes to fund the projects of OEC.

Music in Hospitals - We all know that music can be therapeutic, Music in Hospitals was founded in the UK in 1948. Their goal is to bring music to the lives of those who are suffering an illness or disability. Concerts are held in hospitals, hospices, care homes, etc. and performed by small groups of professional musicians. They accept donations online.

Global Music Project - By going to this website you can listen to music samples, purchase and download music. Songs are affordable and you can donate a higher amount if you wish. The songs are donated by artists all over the globe and proceeds go to various global causes.

Music for Relief - This is an organization that accepts donations to help victims of natural calamities such as those affected by hurricane Sandy in the east coast and the Caribbean. Artists such as Linkin Park, Jay Z, Enrique Iglesias and many more have performed in concerts to support this cause. They accept donations online.

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