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The Story Behind the Photo

Richard James Godden


The Story Behind the Photo

Richard James Godden's trumpet

Photo Courtesy of Anne Marie Godden
Dear Espie,

Thank you for acknowledging my photo of my Dad's trumpet in your music education website.

Richard James Godden (1941 - 2005)

Dad played the trumpet from about age 12. As a teenager, he won a South Australian competition for his playing. As a young man, he played in dance bands and insisted on wearing yellow socks with his dinner suit. Later when he, and his musician mates, were married with young families the music shifted to our house. I was often woken in the middle of the night by the music (always LOUD) and would crawl out to the lounge to sit in his lap to listen and enjoy.

Dad always took his trumpet camping on Anzac long weekends so that he could play the last post for the diggers when asked by the local community. After we survived Cyclone Tracey, Dad took up a Yamaha that someone gave him with a strange mouthpiece and joined with other musicians to give a concert for the people of Darwin (conducted by Rolph Harris). It took a while for his lip to recover.

Dad played 'happy birthday' for all the grandchildren on his trumpet each birthday. Music was as constant in our lives. His favourite thing was to play Sesame Street for the toddlers. He looked in vain for one of them to have a trumpeters lip until my little daughter blew the right note. To this day I can remember the satisfaction on his face.

Dad lost his fight with cancer in January 2005. Before he died he gave me this trumpet. Originally bought from another trumpet player and family friend, Jimmy MacIntyre (from Stansbury, South Australia}, it is the trumpet that he learned on. The trumpet that he won that competition as a young man. It is the trumpet I remember him playing, as a child.

I know that he would be thrilled that a picture of his trumpet is being used as an icon for the history of the trumpet. I am sure that he would have emailed this page to everyone of his music mates proudly.

Thanking you,
Anne Marie

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