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Thanksgiving Music Resources


Amazing how swiftly time flies. It seems like we recently celebrated Halloween and now Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This is the time to reflect on the many blessings we have in our lives and to show our gratitude and appreciation to the people around us. Here are some Thanksgiving music resources to make your holiday more memorable. There are links to websites offering free music and music sheets (for a fee or to purchase) for Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Music

  • The Song of Thanksgiving - A song written by Sam Zamarripa and performed by Doug Allen. Each purchase of this song on iTunes will help the Society of St. Andrews provide food for the less fortunate this holiday season.

  • The Holiday Spot - Has free midi files you can download and listen to that captures the essence of Thanksgiving.

  • Music for Thanksgiving - Another website which offers music perfect for Thanksgiving; also includes a brief history of the Thanksgiving Proclamation.

  • Preschool Education - Offers adaptations of popular children's songs to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Music Sheets

  • Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving! - Elementary music sheet for the keyboard published by Alfred's. It has Thanksgiving songs and activities kids will enjoy learning.

  • Perky Turkey - Original music that is fun to play for Level 1 students. Published by Schaum.

  • Praise and Charts - Offers worship music sheets perfect for Thanksgiving which you can download for a fee.

  • The Sheet Music Store - This website has a vast assortment of music sheets and music books meant to be played for Thanksgiving. Search music sheets for your particular instrument and playing level.

Thanksgiving Musical E-cards

  • Riversongs - Has a collection of cute e-cards you can send to your loved ones for Thanksgiving.
  • 123 Greetings - Adorable collection of musical e-cards for Thanksgiving.
  • American Greetings - Here is a sample of available e-cards from American Greetings. This is so cute and funny.

Music Arts and Crafts

  • Musical Craft Projects - Check out About.Com's Family Crafts website that has lots of creative and interesting craft projects you can make and give to your loved ones.

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