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Thank You Songs

Songs for Thanksgiving or Other Special Occasions


Thanksgiving is a day of reminiscing all that has happened in our lives; of being thankful for the wonderful blessings that we have and hoping for even more blessings to come. It is the time to gather with our loved ones and show our appreciation and gratitude. Come Thanksgiving day, let us not forget to whisper a sincere thanks for the gift of life and love that surrounds us. Let us not forget to say a prayer for all those who are suffering or who have perished from past calamities. The music of Thanksgiving is deep inside us; it is the beat of our hearts as we express our love for others, it is the smile we bestow and the helping hand we lend to people who need it most. May everyday be a day of thanks as we listen to several "thank you" songs from different artists:

  • "Thanks to You" by Tyler Collins - This is one of my favorite songs, by R&B singer Tyler Collins. Released as part of the soundtrack for the movie "Andre." Check out the Lyrics.

  • "Thank You" by Yolanda Adams - A song from an American gospel music singer. This was featured on her "Believe" album released in 2001. Check out the Lyrics and the Song Sample.

  • "Thank You" by Boyz II Men - Released as part of their second album in 1995. Check out the Lyrics and Music Video.

  • "Thank U" by Alanis Morissette - A song released as part of her 1998 album "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie." Check out the Lyrics and Music Video.

  • "Thank You" by Dido - Dido's second single which was released in 2001. Check out the Lyrics and Song Sample.

  • "Thank You" by The Redwalls - Part of the second album "De Nova" by The Redwalls rock band which was released in 2005. Check out the Lyrics and Music Video.

  • "Thank You for Loving Me" by Jon Bon Jovi - A song from the lead singer of the rock band Bon Jovi. Check out the Lyrics and Music Video.
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