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Types of Trumpets


There are different types of trumpets distinguished by the key it is tuned to. Here are the various types of trumpets:

  • Bb Trumpet - The B flat trumpet is the most common trumpet played by musicians and is used in bands and jazz ensembles. It produces a warm tone and is recommended for beginners.

  • C Trumpet - Tuned to the key of C and is shorter than the B flat trumpet. It is commonly used in orchestras and has a brighter sound.

  • D Trumpet - It became popular during the 19th century but was later on replaced by the Bb trumpet. Musicians still use the D trumpet to play Baroque music.

  • Eb Trumpet - This is the type of trumpet used by Haydn for his concerto. Nowadays, this type of trumpet isn't commonly used in orchestras or ensembles.

  • E Trumpet - This is in the key of E and is used to play concertos by Hummel. Other than that, this type of trumpet is rarely used.

  • F Trumpet - This trumpet has a higher pitch and was used to play Bach's Second Brandenburg Concerto. It was also replaced by the Bb trumpet later on.

  • G Trumpet - In the key of G and is hard to find and rarely used.

  • Piccolo Trumpet - Smaller than a Bb trumpet and is pitched an octave higher than a regular trumpet in the same key.

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