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Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp


Name and Location:

The Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is located at Twin Lakes, Michigan. Blue Lake opened on July 5, 1966, its founder is Fritz Stansell. They are celebrating over 40 years of providing educational enrichment in the field of performing and fine arts.

Summer Camp Programs:

During the summer they offer the following programs: Art, Band, Choir, Dance, Harp, Jazz, Orchestra, Piano and Theatre. They also offer electives in Art, Dance, Harp, Beginning Piano, Intermediate to Advance Piano, Theatre, Choir, Music Appreciation, Jazz Band, Jazz History, Music Theory and Introduction to Fiddling.

Other Summer Camp Programs:

Blue Lake also offers a Junior Camp, Suzuki Family Camp and they also have adult programs. During the summer, they conduct a Solo Competition and the Leonard Falcone Euphonium and Tuba Festival which is held every August.

International Exchange Program:

The Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp has openings in the following for the International Youth Symphony Orchestra; Bassoon, Bass Trombone, French Horn, Flute and Oboe. For choirs they have openings for bass singers. Interested applicants need to audition; materials and other important information can be downloaded from their website. Applicants need to submit an audio recording of their performance and those who qualify will undergo a telephone interview.

Other Offerings:

They also have a public radio which can be accessed online. The Blue Lake Public Radio has scheduled broadcasts of music from different genres such as classical, jazz and opera performed by some of the best musicians and symphony orchestras.

Jobs at Blue Lake:

For those who want to work at Blue Lake, they have posted staff, support staff and faculty job openings for 2011. You can view the complete list here.

More Information:

For more information on Blue lake Fine Arts Camp, visit their Web site.

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