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Music In Our Schools Month


What is it?:

MIOSM, or Music In Our Schools Month, is a month-long event that aims to draw attention to the significance of music education in our schools and community.

When is it celebrated?:

The event happens the whole month of March every year. There is a yearly theme, for this year the slogan is "Music Lasts A Lifetime." Participating schools and related organizations have various activities and concerts held in different venues. These activities help showcase the talents of students together with their teachers and band directors.

Who founded it?:

NAfME (National Association for Music Education, formerly MENC) sponsors and coordinates this event. This started in 1972 in New York and has continued through the years with their supporters growing in number. NAfME has specific chairpersons for each US state organization plus Europe and the District of Columbia.

What is the purpose of MIOSM?:

The goal of this event is to stress the importance of quality music education in our schools and to enlist the support of teachers, students, parents, members of the community, organizations and individuals to become advocates of music education. One way that NAfME conveys this message is through their one-minute long PSA's called Why Music? You may have heard these announcements while listening to the radio; if not you can listen to it on their Web site. These PSA's may also be used by schools and organizations.

What are the activities this year?:

This year they are once again having the Concert for Music in Our Schools Month (formerly known as World's Largest Concert). Previously the said concert was set on the second Thursday of March at 1:00 pm EST. This year however, they are encouraging schools to set these concerts based on the school's available schedule. Free sheet music of the selected pieces for this year is provided by Hal Leonard and is available on the NAfME Web site. They will also be releasing a concert video which will be available to purchase by the end of March.

Where can I get more information?:

You can learn more about NAfME, get activity ideas and find out how you can participate in this years' MIOSM program by going to their Web site.

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