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Introducing Trebellina Music-Teaching DVD

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Introducing Trebellina Music-Teaching DVD

Introducing Trebellina DVD

Photo Courtesy of Cristofori Baby Company

The Bottom Line

What makes a good instructional DVD for kids? One that is colorful, engaging and includes lots of catchy tunes that motivates kids to participate. Introducing Trebellina has all these qualities and more, making it a great way to introduce musical concepts to very young kids.


  • Instructional, presented in a story format
  • Colorful and engaging
  • Good selection of music
  • Cute illustrations and images
  • Motivating


  • None


  • Developed by Cristofori Baby Company LLC.
  • DVD format, Running time: 32 minutes
  • Awards received include Dr. Toy (100 Best Children's Products of 2005) and iParenting Media (100 Greatest Products of 2005).
  • Other awards: The National Parenting Center (Holiday Seal of Approval, 2005) and the Aegis Video and Production Award 2005.
  • Instruction presented in short increments
  • A fun way to introduce kids to musical concepts.
  • Introduces notes on the treble clef, rhythm, harmony and musical instruments.
  • Comes with teaching tips, supplemental products and materials available at their website.
  • Recommended for children ages 1 to 4 years old, but older kids will also enjoy watching it.
  • Price: $19.95

Guide Review - Introducing Trebellina Music-Teaching DVD

Introducing Trebellina is a music-teaching DVD developed by Cristofori Baby Company LLC. Trebellina, the main female character shaped like a treble clef, along with her friends Rock Bassey and Rhythmo, takes young kids to a fun, musical journey. Along the way children will meet different notes on the treble clef. They will learn the note names, their placement on the staff as well as their positions on the keyboard. They will also learn about various musical instruments, what these instruments look like and how they sound when played, either solo or together.

Instruction is broken into short increments, which is suitable to the attention span of young kids. In between breaks they will have fun listening and singing along to children's tunes while looking at cute illustrations and images of toys. Young kids are also featured on the DVD which makes it more motivating.

Introducing Trebellina includes introduction on rests, rhythm and harmony. This is a DVD young kids will enjoy but older kids will have fun watching it as well. In fact, my 7-year old was motivated to practice her guitar after watching it. When asked if she liked the movie, she replied, "Yes, can we watch it again?".

It would be great though to have other products in this series already available so that kids can learn other musical concepts. But overall, Introducing Trebellina is a product teachers and parents of young children should have in their video library.

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