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Famous Bells of the World



Photo of Big Ben in London, England during its 150th anniversary celebration on July 11,2009.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Mingun Bell:

Mingun is located north of Mandalay, Burma and it is where the world's largest ringing bell can be found. The Mingun Bell weighs 90.55 metric tons.

Great Bell of Kyoto:

Inside the Chion-In Temple in Japan, the Great Bell of Kyoto can be found. It is the second-largest ringing bell in the world and weighs 74 tons.

Tsar Kolokol III:

Also known as the Tsar Bell. Considered the largest bell in the world, the Tsar Kolokol III is located in Moscow. It weighs 400,000 pounds and was cast in 1733 to 1735; however, it was never rung. It was damaged in a fire in 1737.

Liberty Bell:

This bell, which can be found in the Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, is a symbol of U.S.' freedom. Cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, the Liberty Bell originally weighs 2,080 pounds. It cracked several times and was last heard in 1846 to honor George Washington's birthday. It has also been moved several times until 2003 when it was relocated to its current location.

World Peace Bell:

It is the largest swinging bell in the world; it weighs 66,000 pounds and is 12 feet in diameter. The World Peace Bell was cast in 1998 by the Verdin Company. It can be found at The Millennium Monument of Newport, Kentucky.

Big Ben:

This famous clock tower can be found at St. Stephen's Tower in London. The bell weighs 13 tons; both the clock and bell were installed in 1859. The British Broadcasting Corporation started airing the chimes of Big Ben in 1924.

Lutine Bell:

This bell was carried by a ship called La Lutine which sank off the Dutch Coast in 1799. The ships' cargo was insured by Lloyds Insurance. In 1859 the bell was found, it was moved several times until 1986 when it was moved to its current location at the lobby of Lloyds Insurance Office in London.

Pummerin Bell:

Famous bell in Austria and one of the biggest bells in Europe. It was built in 1711 and is a symbol of Vienna's victory over the Turks. It is located in the north tower of the St. Stephen's Cathedral at Stephansplatz in Vienna.

Sigismund Bell:

Also known as Zygmunt Bell, it can be found at the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, Poland. It was cast in 1520 and weighs 18 metric tons.

Great Tom:

This bell weighs 7 tons and was originally located at Oseney Abbey. It is now situated at the Tom Tower of Christ Church in Oxford. The bell chimes 101 times every 9pm; originally it was to honor the 101 Oxford students at the time of its completion.

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