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Kawai Pianos - A Guide to Piano Brands


Name of Piano Brand:

Kawai, named after Koichi Kawai, an inventor, credited as Japan's first designer and builder of pianos.

Year Started:

Koichi Kawai and several colleagues formed the Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory in 1927. Their lab was based at Hamamatsu, Japan.

Early Awards:

  • 1950's - Received the "Blue Ribbon Medal" from the Emperor of Japan.

Notable People Who Use a Kawai Piano:

  • Neil Sedaka
  • Carol Connors
  • Earl Wild
  • Marty Grebb
  • Joshua Levy
  • Paul Smith
  • Michelle Tumes
  • Other Brands Owned by Kawai:

    Kawai acquired the Lowrey Organ Company.

    Notable Models:

    Their EX Concert Grand which has received numerous awards including awards from the 10th Tchaikovsky Int'l Piano Competition, 14th Int'l Chopin Piano Competition, 1st Rachmaninoff Int'l Piano Competition (USA), 45th Ferruccio Busoni Int'l Piano Competition and others.

    Newer Products:

    The RX Series Artist Grand Pianos, Concert Performer Ensemble Series, ES Series and MP Series Stage Pianos.

    Interesting Fact:

    When Koichi Kawai died in 1955, he was succeeded by his son, Shigeru Kawai. Under the management of Shigeru, two factories were built - a piano assembly plant and a wood processing plant. Shigeru also built Kawai Music Schools, founded the Kawai Academy of Music and created the Kawai Piano Technical Center. To further promote Kawai pianos, Shigeru started a door-to-door sales program. In 1963 and the years that followed, Kawai branched out to different countries including America, Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe.

    Did You Know?:

    In 1980, the Ryuyo Grand Piano Facility opened. It is considered one of the most advanced piano factory in the world.

    In 1989, Shigeru's son, Hirotaka Kawai, continued the legacy. Under his leadership the Kawai America Manufacturing was launched. In 1991 the Kawai Asia Manufacturing in Malaysia was founded and in 1995 the Kawai Finishing in the United States was established. He also created a Kawai manufacturing company in Indonesia called Karawan. Kawai was the first piano manufacturer to receive certification for excellence in environmental management in 1997.

    Company Website:

    Vist them at Kawai.Com

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