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Music Theory

Music theory is a broad subject, here you will learn about its' meaning and all the elements which relates to it. Resources will be for both kids and adults interested in the further study of music.
  1. Beginner's Theory (47)
  2. General Theory (20)
  3. Songwriting 101 (18)

What Is a Rhythm Section?
Explanation of the instruments and their roles in a rhythm section.

How to Find Your Groove
Much popular music is groove-based. Here's a technical discussion of what musicians mean when they discuss grooves as musical constructs. And just in case anyone wound up here looking for direction in life, it ends with a metaphor. You go, girl!

Is tablature "real notation"? Should teachers use it? Here are some of the pros and cons of tablature vs. 5-line staff notation, and what the issues are for learning guitar, bass, banjo, ukulelel, and other stringed instruments.

Understanding "Wrecking Ball," as Performed by Miley Cyrus
A theoretical analysis of "Wrecking Ball," performed by Miley Cyrus, examining how elements of form, harmony, lyrics, and other elements reinforce the central concept of the narrative story.


7 Steps to More Legible Notation
Legibility of notation can have an impact on the final performance. These general tips will help you render notation more cleanly and professionally.

Chord Symbol Notation
Learn how to interpret chord symbols.

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