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Profile of the Snare Drum


Profile of the Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Burgey

Name of Instrument:

Snare drum



How to Play:

The snare drum can be played using sticks, commonly made of hickory, or by using the hands. The player must be able to play 2 beats alternately on each hand. Grace notes are also used when playing the snare drum.

First Known Snare Drums:

The snare drum evolved from an instrument called tabor, a double-skinned drum during the Medieval period. By the 15th century, the size of the snare drum increased and had a cylindrical shape. During the 18th century, the snare drum underwent changes that would improve its' characteristic sound. Today the snare drum is used in pop music and modern orchestral music.

Musicians Who Used Snare Drums:

One of the great composers who used snare drums in his pieces is George Frideric Handel. Other composers such as Gioacchino Rossini also used the snare drum in his operas.

Additional Snare Drum Resource:

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