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Composers/Musicians of the Renaissance Period


The Renaissance signifies the rebirth of classical learning and an increased patronage of music. Here are some of the notable musicians during that period:

1. Jacob Arcadelt

One of the composers who helped establish the madrigal musical form.

2. William Byrd

One of the leading English composers of the late Renaissance who helped develop English madrigals. He wrote church, secular, consort and keyboard music, among others. He served as organist at Chapel Royal, a post he shared with his mentor Thomas Tallis.

3. Claudin de Sermisy

One of the composers who greatly influenced Parisian Chansons.

4. Josquin Desprez

One of the most important composers of this period. His music was widely published and appreciated in Europe. Desprez wrote both sacred and secular music, focusing more on motets of which he wrote over a hundred.

5. Tomas Luis de Victoria

Spanish composer during the Renaissance who composed mainly sacred music.

6. John Dowland

Known for his lute music in Europe and composed beautiful melancholic music.

7. Guillaume Dufay

Known as the transitional figure to the Renaissance.

8. John Farmer

English madrigal composer whose work titled "Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone," was one of the most popular pieces of his time.

9. Giovanni Gabrielli

Wrote music for St. Mark's as well as Monteverdi and Stravinsky. Gabrielli experimented with choral and instrumental groups, positioning them in different sides of the basilica and making them perform alternately or in unison.

10. Carlo Gesualdo

Photo Courtesy of Cantate Online
Considered to be an innovative composer of Italian madrigals. Gesualdo is quite a brilliant composer and yet the tragedy that happened in his private life haunted him until his death.

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