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Profile of Clara Wieck Schumann


Profile of Clara Wieck Schumann

Clara Wieck Schumann

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September 13, 1819; her parents were Friedrich Wieck, a music teacher, and Marianne Tromlitz Wieck, a soprano.


Leipzig, Germany


May 20, 1896 in Frankfurt am Main

Also Known As:

Clara Josephine Wieck was the wife of Robert Schumann. She was the foremost female composer of the 19th century, a piano virtuoso, teacher, performing artist, an interpreter of Schumann and Brahm's music.

Type of Compositions:

She mostly wrote pieces for the piano including songs, partsongs, cadenzas and concertos. She also wrote lieders and chamber music.


She began piano lessons with her father on October 27, 1824.

Notable Works:

She wrote, among others, 3 partsongs, 29 songs, 20 compositions for solo piano, 4 compositions for piano and orchestra, she also wrote cadenzas for Mozart and Beethoven's piano concertos.

Interesting Facts:

Clara first performed publicly on October 20, 1828 at Gewandhaus when she was 9 years old. Her first solo concert came 2 years later on November 8, 1830. She stopped composing when she was 36. Robert Schumann was a student of Clara's father. He fell in love with Clara and wanted to marry her but her father was against it. On August 14, 1837 they became secretly engaged and on September 12, 1840, Clara and Robert were married. They were married one day before she turned 21, which was the legal age to marry.

Music Sample:

Music samples of Clara Wieck Schumann's works from Naxos.

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