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Romantic Music Composers


The Romantic Period marked a significant change in the status of musicians; they became more respected and valued. As a result, many Romantic composers were inspired to create large volumes of works that continue to enthrall us to this day. Here are several notable composers of this period or those whose works represent Romantic music:

1. Isaac Albéniz

A piano prodigy who made his debut at age 4, went on a concert tour at age 8 and entered the Madrid Conservatory at age 9. He is known for his virtuoso piano music, most notable of which is a collection of piano pieces called "Iberia."

2. Mily Balakirev

The leader of a group of Russian composers called "The Mighty Five." He composed, among others, songs, symphonic poems, piano pieces and orchestral music.

3. Amy Beach

Known as the foremost American woman composer who successfully transcended social barriers during her time. She has composed some of the most beautiful and captivating music for the piano.

4. Vincenzo Bellini

from Wikimedia Commons
An Italian composer of the early 19th century whose specialty was writing bel canto operas. In all he wrote 9 operas including "La sonnambula," "Norma" and "I puritani di Scozia."

5. Louis-Hector Berlioz

Unlike his contemporaries, Berlioz' wasn't as easily accepted by the public. It might be said that his manner of instrumentation and orchestration was too advanced for his time. He wrote operas, symphonies, choral music, overtures, songs and cantatas.

6. Georges Bizet

A French composer who influenced the verismo school of opera. He wrote operas, orchestral works, incidental music, compositions for piano and songs.

7. Aleksandr Borodin

One of the members of "The Mighty Five;" he wrote songs, string quartets and symphonies. His most famous work is the opera "Prince Igor" which was left unfinished when he died in 1887. The said opera was completed by Aleksandr Glazunov and Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov.

8. Johannes Brahms

Public Domain Image from Wikimedia Commons
At seven years old, Brahms learned how to play the piano under the instruction of Otto Friedrich Willibald Cossel. He furthered his studies of theory and composition under Eduard Marxen.

9. Max Bruch

Public Domain Image in the US (from Wikimedia Commons)
A German Romantic composer notable for his violin concerti. He was also a conductor of orchestral and choral societies and became a professor at the Berlin Academy of Arts.

10. Anton Bruckner

An Austrian organist, teacher and composer especially noted for his symphonies. In all he wrote 9 symphonies; his "Symphony No. 7 in E Major," which premiered in Leipzig in 1884, was a huge success and marked a turning point in his career.

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