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Songwriting 101

Step by step guide on how to write a song.

Share Your favorite Story Songs
Although all songs tells a story there are certain songs that express it in a narrative way. This is particularly evident in country and folk music where the story is well-developed. Please share with us your favorite story songs.

What is a hook?
Definition of the word "hook" as used in music, with examples for further reference.

What is a riff?
Definition of the word "riff" plus some song samples.

Playing Chord Patterns
Let's put all the chords we learned so far together and see what melodies we can come up with.

The ii, iii, and vi Chords
Write better melodies by learning how to play chord patterns. This article focuses on the ii, iii, and vi chords.

The I - IV - V Chord Pattern
Illustrates how to form the I - IV - V chord pattern on the piano or keyboard.

The I, IV and V Chord
What does the Roman Numeral I, IV and V stand for in music? Learn the asnwer through this article.

Which Comes First, Melody or Lyrics? -
When writing a song which comes first, the melody or lyrics? Learn the answer here.

The AAA Song Form
Learn the definition and structure of the AAA song form.

The AABA Song Form
Learn the definition and structure of the AABA song form.

The Verse/Chorus Song Form
Here's another song structure called the verse/chorus.

The Verse/Chorus/Bridge
An extension of the verse/chorus song form is to add a bridge. Here's how to do it.

Other Song Forms
Other types of lyric writing strategies and guidelines.

The Parts of a Song
You've heard about the verse, bridge, chorus, refrain, coda, etc. These are all parts of a song, here's a concise explanation of each part.

A Word on Titles
Ideas on coming up with catchy song titles.

The Songwriter As A Storyteller
To some extent the songwriter is like a storyteller. Learn what details to include in your song to make it more compelling.

Strong Opening Lines
Some of the best songs are those that have strong opening lines.

They Write the Songs
Biographical information on some of the world's most notable singer-songwriters.

Approaches to Songwriting
Should you start writing a song from lyrics or melody? Hit songwriter Andrea Stolpe shares some insights into the songwriting process.

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