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Gifts for Music Teachers

Materials for the Music Classroom


Looking for a special gift for that music teacher who inspires you? Here are several personal gift ideas as well as materials which can be used in the music classroom.

Music Education Softwares - Music teachers will appreciate receiving educational softwares to supplement their teaching, There are many excellent products out in the market, one such product is Music Ace Maestro. Read my review of Music Ace Maestro and see how it can benefit teachers and even homeshoolers.

Music Folders/Folios - These come in all sorts of shades, sizes and materials. Folders and folios are used by music teachers as well as band directors and music/choral students to keep music sheets and scores organized and handy. Some have extendable pockets with clear inserts, others have built-in handles, still others are made of leather or a combination of all these features. An example of which is the so called "Black Folder" which is manufactured by Small World.

Dry Erase Board/Chalkboard - These things are pretty expensive but very useful in the music classroom. There are dry erase music boards and chalkboards in which the staff lines are permanently on the surface while the other side is blank. Some are mounted others are portable and have wheels. Examples of which are those made by OptiMA.

Staff Liner - These are used to draw lines, create charts, etc. quickly. Staff liners are simply holders for several markers or chalks, this enables the teacher to draw lines or charts in one quick stroke. One such product is called Line-Master.

Posters - Whether it be about the different kinds of instruments, composers, timelines and others, posters are great teaching aids for the music classroom. I really like the Timeline of Classical Music made by Panthenon Graphics which either comes laminated or not.

Staff/Manuscript Paper Pad - These are fairly inexpensive and useful for the music teacher. Staff and manuscript papers have printed staves and may come spiral-bound or not. There are also different types depending on the instrument, for example, those for the guitar have tab stave. Perfect example of these are those made by Hal Leonard.

Calendar/Planner - Music-themed calendars and planners are also great gift ideas for teachers. There are those that allow you to customize your planners and calendars to add a personal touch. One website called Day-Timer USA offers such products and more.

Shirts/Ties - Probably a mainstay in every gift-giving season, shirts with printed music quotes or ties decorated with music notes are also a good option. I found a few music-themed ties at Brite Ties.Com.

Mugs - Another mainstay, mugs with humorous quotes and illustrations or those which can be personalized is another gift idea to keep in mind, especially when you're pressed for time. Websites like Giftmugs.Com allows you to personalize your mug and offers many choices.

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