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Soprano - The Voice as a Music Instrument


Type of Singing Voice:



It is the highest human vocal range. Generally, it refers to the female singing voice but it also applies to boys, also called boy sopranos. During the 16th to 18th century it referred to male castrati singers.


From middle C going up to the second A.

Word Origin:

Derived from the Italian word sopra, meaning "above."

Types of Soprano Voices:

There are three main types:
  • lyric soprano - where the tone used is lighter
  • dramatic soprano - the tone is more powerful
  • coloratura soprano - has a very high range, extending higher from the second C above middle C.

Famous Sopranos:

Among the famous sopranos of the past are: Frida Leider, Delia Reinhardt and Gota Ljungberg. Many of you may also be familiar with Charlotte Church, she sang using her soprano voice when she was younger. Today, she has shifted to a a different music genre and vocal style. One famous coloratura soprano was Beverly Sills.


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