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Profile of the Contrabassoon


Name of Instrument:



Woodwind, double-reed

How to Play:

Also known as double bassoon, this wind instrument is bigger than the bassoon and is pitched an octave lower. It is played similarly to a bassoon but due to its' size and construction, the fingering slightly varies. It is played using an endpin to support it while performing.

First Known Contrabassoons:

It emerged during the 17th century, it used to have four parts and only three keys. Now, most contrabassoons cannot be disassembled because it comes in one piece. It also has a tuning slide to adjust pitch. The contrabassoon plays the lowest voice in a string ensemble.

Contrabassoon Players:

Two notable contrabassoon players are; Adam Siminiceanu and Susan Nigro. Some popular brands of contrabassoons are Heckel, Amati and Adler.

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