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Profile of the Recorder


Profile of the Recorder


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Name of Instrument:



Wind, recorders may either be made of wood, plastic or ivory.

How to Play:

The player holds the recorder in front of him vertically, blows into the mouthpiece and open/close the fingerholes.


Recorders come in a variety of sizes, each having its own register. Among the types of recorders are the soprano, sopranino, alto, tenor, bass, great bass and contra bass.

First known Recorders:

Recorders are the precursor design of the modern day flute. It emerged during the 14th century and became quite popular during the 16th to the mid-18th century. Instructional books on the recorder were also first published during the 15th century, written by Sebastian Virdung (1511) and Silvestro Ganassi (1535)

Composers Who Used Recorders:

Recorders were used during the late Renaissance to the Baroque era, it was included in orchestras and ensembles.. Famous composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach featured the recorder in their music. The recorder disappeared during the mid-18th century but was revived later on around 1919 partly due to an instrument maker named Arnold Dolmetsch.

Music Sheet/Midi Sample:

Numerous free sheet music for alto recorder for different levels available here.

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