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Singing on Broadway: An Interview with Adam Grupper of "Wicked"

Adam Grupper as The Wizard

The Wizard of Oz reveals some tricks! Adam Grupper talks about singing on stage, and gives an insider's view of what it is like to perform on a Broadway stage

    Music Education Spotlight10

    How to Read a Lead Sheet

    Understand and interpret the core elements of lead sheet notation.

    Using Loops in Contemporary Music Production

    How loops are used in contemporary music production.

    Finding Authenticity as a Singer-Songwriter: An Interview with Wendy Parr

    Find your authentic voice with GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter and world renowned coach, Wendy Parr.

    Strategies for Productive Practice

    If you practice, you will improve. These tips will help you make the most of your practice time.

    Approaches to Songwriting

    Should you start writing a song from lyrics or melody? Hit songwriter Andrea Stolpe shares some insights into the songwriting process.

    10 Ways to Learn to Become a Musician

    A roundup of the different ways in which you might learn to play music.

    How to Take Great Musician Photos

    Photographer Mr. Bonzai shares some technical tips for how to get great images of musicians.

    Time Elements in Music

    A general look at how musical time is organized and discussed.

    How to Give Online Music Lessons

    How to provide music lessons using video chat.

    Nashville Chord Charts

    Learn the essentials of the Nashville number system of lead sheets/chord notation.

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