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Music Project Management

The 5 stages of a music project's life cycle.

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    5 Stages of a Music Project

    Monday April 14, 2014

    Music projects can be awfully complex, but analyzing them--not unlike analyzing a piece of music--in terms of form can help bring them under control. This article discusses music projects in terms of the five formal stages of project management. Whether you're building a rocket ship or putting on a rock concert, techniques of project management can make your project go more smoothly.

    How to Host a Master Class

    Wednesday April 9, 2014

    Master classes are among the most intense learning experiences for a musician. This article describes their common format and some of the reasons why master classes are held.

    Bebop Guitar

    Sunday April 6, 2014

    Learn about the history, artists, and sound/technique of bebop guitar.

    How to Listen to Music

    Monday March 31, 2014

    If you listen wrong, your ears might fall off. Then again, they might not.

    In any case, here's some advice for how to listen to music.

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