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Family Songs

Songs For and About Families


Many songs have been written for and about families. Songs with themes about families is something we all can relate to; for what is life without these important people around us? People to whom we can show our genuine selves and still be loved. Here are several links to song resources with "family" as the theme.

  • Songs for Teaching - They have several songs, with lyrics and sound clips, about family and family life.

  • Songs by Cheryl Wheeler - Cheryl Wheeler is a prolific songwriter and a gifted performer. Here you will see a list of her songs categorized by type. Her songs about family includes one she wrote for her father's 75th birthday.

  • Can Teach - Has a few songs/poems for and about the family.

  • Debra Kitzman - Features the CD "Every Day Is A Parade" which includes songs about the family both kids and parents will appreciate. You can listen to soundclips.

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