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Tips on Playing the Harp


Holding the Harp - With a floor harp, the player sits behind the body of the harp allowing it to rest on his/her right shoulder. In this position, the left hand of the harpist can reach even the lowest strings while the right hand is able to reach the higher strings.

Playing the Harp - Harps that have nylon or gut strings are played using the first three fingers and the thumb. The fingers are numbered 1 to 4 with the thumb being number 1. The thumb is usually higher than the other fingers which allows for easier transitions. Your elbows must also be elevated slightly so that the wrist is straight. Make sure that you are seated on a chair that supports your back to avoid potential injury. The harp is played by plucking the strings, usually using chords or arpeggios.

Taking Care of Your Harp - It is always a good idea to keep your harp in a safe place, not on the back of doors or in your kitchen. Avoid areas that are too humid or cold. If you won't be using your harp, store it in its case. If it's a pedal harp, make sure the pedals are all on flat before you store it. If you are transporting your harp, make sure that you place it in your vehicle with the disc-side up. You can wipe your harp from time to time with a dry and clean soft cloth. If you notice any damage, go to an expert harp technician.

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