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Daily Music Education Lesson Plans


Daily Music Education Lesson Plans

March 17

March 17
VocabularyNotes on the Bass Clef (Spaces): We will now learn about the notes on the bass clef. Remember, when we speak of bass clef the notes are played by the left hand. We will first go to the notes on the spaces, they are as follows: A - C - E - G. You can make it easier to remember by creating mnemonics like; All Cows Eat Grass.
Music HistoryThe opera "Macbeth" premiered in Florence.
  1. Draw a music staff on the board and ask student to write the notes on the spaces of the bass clef.
  2. Point to a space and call on student to say which note is on that space.
  3. Say the note and student will say which space that note belongs to (i.e. You say: G, Student will say: fourth space).
  4. Have fun creating mnemonics to remember the space notes on the bass clef.
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