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Music Education Grants

For Teachers and Schools


Is your school in need of funding so you can buy new musical instruments for your students? Here are several foundations who generously offer financial aid to deserving schools and music teachers.

Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts Music Scholarships - Provides grants to accredited schools which offers degrees in performing and creative arts. The grants will be used to assist deserving student applicants.

Mockingbird Foundation - Funding the music education of children by awarding grants to schools, community centers, workshops, camps and scholarship programs.

VH1 Save the Music Foundation - Supports the importance of music education in American public schools and helps by providing new musical instruments.

Sharon Gewirtz Kids to Concerts Fund - Offers grants to schools and non-profit music programs in the United States. Grants will be awarded in September of each year. Grants are made for each cycle up to $500 and are made on an annual one-time basis.

Take note of the application deadline, requirements and procedures before applying for funding. Some of these organizations are either open, by invitation or not accepting applications at the moment. Know of other grants for music teachers and schools? Email it to musiced@aboutguide.com.

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