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WQXR New York Classical Music Radio - Free Music App


Name of App:

WQXR New York Classical Music Radio

Compatible with:

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Operating System:

iOS 4.0 or later


If you love to listen to classical music and get interesting information about your favorite composers, vocalists and orchestras, WQXR is the app for you. Listen to live streaming music, check out features and specials; you can even look at detailed playlists so you'll know exactly what's playing. You can also scroll through their selection of on-demand programs. Other great features can be found by going to the More tab. There you can check out scheduled events by date and location; you can also browse their schedule of programs. What's more you can send in your requests and use the app as an alarm clock.

Guide Notes:

This free app comes loaded with features. I particularly like that you can send your music requests, and if you're a sound sleeper like me, the alarm clock comes in handy. I also like that you can share what you're listening to via Twitter and Facebook. Aside from the music, I enjoy listening to their featured talk shows which tackles interesting topics such as Beethoven's Deafness: For Better or Worse. It also helps keep you up to date on what's going on in the world of music through news articles, blogs, podcasts and videos. You can choose between Classical WQXR and Q2 which plays more contemporary music.


You can learn more about WQXR New York Classical Music Radio or download the app by going to iTunes.

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